Shift2MaaS Workshop: Ticketing in the IP4 Ecosystem

6 May 2021

On 18 May (14.30 - 16.30), the Shift2MaaS project will organise a workhop 'Ticketing in the IP4 Ecosystem' in collaboration with Shift2Rail. Goals of the workshop will be to understand the state-of-the-art of IP4 ticketing, expected outcomes at the end of IP4 programme, and plans for the future. Also, plans are to collect feedback from the Shift2MaaS partners-operators and other operators about potential deployment of such a system as IP4 ticketing, pros and cons, and what should be done from regulatory point of view to make it a reality . 

Finally, the workshop will collect input on technical aspects of IP4 ticketing solutions and understand the perspectives of further developments and collaboration with other initiatives, collect the recommendation from other initiatives.

You can register for the workshop here