Shift2MaaS and SPRINT projects test important functionalities advancing the uptake of MaaS schemes

6 August 2020

We are happy to announce that the Shift2Rail IP4 projects Shift2MaaS and SPRINT have earlier this month completed tests of two important functionalities that should ease and advance the uptake of new MaaS platforms. By joining forces, the Shift2Rail IP4 projects have together tackled important barriers that are currently hindering the uptake of MaaS schemes. 

Shift2Rail IP4 projects  are currently developing technologies and tools for Transport Service Providers (TSPs) and travellers that can be used in MaaS applications and should advance the uptake of new MaaS schemes. Two of these tools, the Contractual Management Market place and the Asset Manager, were succesfully tested earlier this month by Shift2MaaS.

The Contractual Management Market place is a tool aiming to ease the process for TSPs to set up MaaS agreements among them (for example in regards to revenue sharing or discounts for travellers) and to create Mobility packages that include services offered by different TSPs, for multiple modes. 

Also, the tool wants to enable TSPs to manage products that they offer to travellers, such as a monthly travel pass, or a senior ticket. The Contractual Management Market place has been developed by S2R project MaaSive.

The second tool that was tested is called the Asset Manager, and has been provided by the SPRINT project. This tool lets TSPs manage their data and publish it as metadata, and aims to ease the data-exchange between different TSPs. 

The tool aims to avoid any standardisation, but instead lets TSPs choose the way they wish to publish the data, in any format. 

Both tests were executed virtually, by letting TSPs using the functionalities and giving them the chance to provide feedback. The results of the tests will be provided to Shift2Rail JU as recommendations for improving the functionalities to encourage their market uptake.

For our next steps, Shift2MaaS is planning pilots testing the functionalities for travellers. Stay tuned!