Shift2MaaS presented at S2R Innovation Days and IT-TRANS

8 December 2020

Over the last weeks, Shift2MaaS has been presented at two major events. Late October, the project attended the ShiftRail Innovation Days, where Marco Ferreira from the COHESIVE project discussed S2M during the Webinar IT Solutions for Multimodal Transport in Europe. During the session, it was discussed how IP4 Projects COHESIVE, Connective, MaaSive, S2M, My-TRAC and SPRINT are aiming to advance seamless multimodal travel in Europe.

You can watch all the webinars from the S2R Innovation Days here

Another major event welcoming Shift2MaaS was IT-TRANS, where Project Coordinator Daria Kuzmina spoke during the session 'Enabling MaaS', highlighting how IP4 technologies can enable the uptake of Mobility as a Service schemes.