Shif2Maas organised successful workshop on Ticketing in the IP4 Ecosystem

25 May 2021

On 18 May, Shift2MaaS in collaboration with Shift2Rail organised the Workshop ‘Ticketing in the IP4 Ecosystem’. The goal of the workshop was to understand the state-of-the-art of IP4 ticketing, expected outcomes at the end of IP4 programme, and plans for the future. Also, the workshop collected input on technical aspects of IP4 ticketing solutions.

The event kicked off with two presentations: ‘Ticketing in IP4’ by Laurent Bellet from Thales Group, and ‘Future multimodal ticketing services in the EU’, by Ana-Maria Fimin from DG MOVE.

After, the session was split into two rooms. 

The first one focussed on the Regulatory aspects of deployment of (IP4) ticketing and MaaS solutions and was moderated by Monique Van Wortel, Shift2Rail. Different stakeholders took their part in the session: DG MOVE, STA, Shift2Rail represented by Indra, Thales, MaaSAlliance, Carris, DB, Amadeus, EPF, UITP (by Annabelle Huet). 

Here, the questions were focused on regulatory aspects of the implementation of the interoperable ticketing and deployment of MaaS, factors and principles influencing the faster deployment of the solutions. 
The second room focused on the deployment of (IP4) ticketing solutions by operators and was  moderated by the partner of Shift2MaaS Alex Papacharalampous from AETHON. The following stakeholders took part in the discussion: EPF, Thales, OBB, Fertagus, OLTIS, Prometni institute (owned by Slovenian Railways), Calypso, ITxPT, MaaSAlliance.

This discussion was focused on four aspects: the benefits of delivering ticketing solutions on the local urban level, factors ensuring the successful deployment of integrated ticketing and MaaS at the EU level, IP4 technologies, and the importance of standardisation and harmonisation.

All participants agreed that the issue of delivering the integrated solutions don’t have technical nature, but rather the business one. Small operators and big TSPs have different needs and interests, while standardisation can be an enabler in securing interoperability. The success factors for European ticketing can be described in three words: interoperability, personalisation and standardisation.

A full report on the workshop will be produced by the Shift2MaaS team.