Shift2MaaS organises workshops about travel experience

25 October 2019

Over the course of the last weeks, Shift2MaaS organised three internal workshops in Lisbon, Malaga and Central-East corridor. The workshops, which were dubbed AS IS and TO-BE, were based on the so-called design thinking approach. Their goal was to first map current travel experience, and secondly to brainstorm and map enhanced scenarios of future travel experiences whereby Shift2Rail IP4 technologies were used.

During the sessions, the consortium worked with various ‘scenarios’of current and future travel experience. The sessions were set up as follows:

  • We chose one of the developed personas for each scenario

  • We mapped the current travel experience of each personstep-by-step with his/her touchpoints, goals, needs, emotions and thoughts,pain points and opportunities

  • We created a new journey map for a future trip by means of IP4 technologies.

The new journey maps will serve as scenarios for our demo sites, which will be demonstrated at TRA2020 and InnoTrans2020.

If you are a public transport operator in one of three locations: Lisbon, Malaga or Cenral East corridor (Austria, Czech republic or Germany) and want to participate in the testing of IT technologies for transport, don't hesitate to contact Shift2MaaS coordinator: Daria Kuzmina