Shift2Rail Innovations webinar: presentations and webinar

19 May 2020

Last week, Shift2MaaS featured in the Shift2Rail webinar 'Moving Around Europe Seamlessly?', that discussed Shift2Rail innovations from the travellers’ perspective. During the webinar, different IP4 projects, including Shift2MaaS, got the chance to speak about their objectives, discuss expected outcomes, and answer questions on the project.

The online event brought together around 200 participants from across Europe and beyond and demonstrated the current results of key projects working under Shift2Rail’s Innovation Programme 4, dedicated to digital services facilitating mobility as a service in rail. The webinar explored multimodal journey planning, offer building, booking, issuing, ticketing, validation and location-based experiences from the travellers’ perspective.

Did you miss the webinar? No problem, as Shift2Rail has put all material online. 
You can find the full webinar, the presentation and the videos from all projects on the Shift2Rail website.

Alongside the webinar focussing on the traveller's perspective, another webinar was held to discuss Shift2Rail innovations from a transport service providers’ perspective. You can find all material for this webinar here