Partner in the Spotlight: CARRIS

14 June 2021

Shift2MaaS counts 12 partners, who all have a different role in the project. We are putting the spotlight on all of them, asking about their role in the project, their interest into Shift2Rail IP4 technologies, and their commitment to enabling seamless passenger experience. For this edition we spoke to João Vieira, Director of CARRIS, a public transportation company in Lisbon.

Can you explain what was exactly the role of CARRIS in the Shift2MaaS project?

CARRIS participated in Shift2MaaS as a public transport operator, i.e. we were going to test the functionalities developed by IP4 projects aimed at operators directly and engage our end-customers to test those functionalities directly aiming at passengers. In addition we also worked as Coordinator of the tests in the Lisbon Demo Site, serving as a contact point between the other Lisbon partners – EMEL and Fertagus which also operate transport systems - and the rest of the consortium. sm1

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