Call for papers: International Workshop On Semantics For Transport

27 June 2019

Are you a researcher or practitioner interested in semantic-based solutions for MaaS? You have until 9 July to submit your paper for the Sem4Tra workshop, which will be held alongside the main conference SEMANTiCS 2019. During the workshop, various topics related to Shift2MaaS and Shift2Rail will be discussed. More information below: 

Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) consists in the integration of various forms of transport services into a single mobility service. The goal is to provide a traveler with the service needed for a door-to-door travel under a single payment whilst integrating disparate modes of mobility (public transport, car- or bike-sharing, taxi/car rental, or a combination thereof) under one travel experience. After years of conceptualisation and strategizing, MaaS is becoming a present reality rather than a future goal. However, many challenges remain unanswered. The development of multimodal travel information, planning and booking services, and the interoperability between business applications is currently limited due to the fragmentation and incompatibility of interchange formats and protocols both within and across transport sectors. The technology known as RDF, Linked Data and the Semantic Web, proposes a framework to discuss the semantics of terms in a decentralized fashion on web-scale. As MaaS is decentralised by definition, this workshop targets researchers and practitioners that are contributing to transform the transportation sector by proposing new semantic-based solutions to achieve the MaaS objectives. 

The workshop is an opportunity for disseminating and discussing use cases and studies showing the application of semantic technologies in the Transport domain to tackle the above-mentioned challenges.

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