The city of Malaga presents a quite complete transport infrastructure, which includes a recently renovated train station with high speed connections to major cities in Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, Zaragoza, Seville, Cordoba), and a public transport fleet composed of 242 buses covering 45 itineraries within the city. Two metro lines are under construction. EMT (Empresa Malagueña de Transportes) is the transport operator that operates the urban public bus network in the city of Malaga.

In the Shift2MaaS project, the touristic city of Malaga will serve as the testing ground for the implementation of a transport interoperability service. Urban, national (intercity) and international (cross-border) trips that start or end in the city will be investigated in Shift2MaaS in order to assess how a MaaS service could work on different geographical levels. Furthermore, Shift2MaaS will investigate the possibilities of a common payment system. This will bring together different public and private mobility service providers including bus, metro, car-sharing, bike-sharing, rail, coaches, using the EMT smart card platform and real time route planner already in operation.

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